Sex Offender Registration in Nevada

You can be arrested and charged with a sex offense based solely on a single statement .

Sex offense accusations, even if later proven untrue, are like setting off a bomb in someone’s backyard; even if you survived the initial explosion of police investigations, criminal charges, and family/friend recriminations, the landscape of your life is completely changed. Sex Offenses are also charged differently from virtually every other type of criminal offense, for instance:

  •  You can be arrested and charged with a sex offense based solely on a single statement from an alleged victim, even if there is evidence to the contrary and even if the victim later recants.
  •    You can be forced to defend yourself against an allegation for a sex offense that occurred more than 20 years ago; and
  •  You can be forced to defend yourself against a single allegation of sexual misconduct that occurred “some time” over a five-year period (for instance, you could be charged with inappropriately touching the alleged victim “some time” between January 2015 and January 2018).

This victim-centric criminal framework, coupled with the life imprisonment penalties for some sex offenses, make these some of the most difficult cases to defend against in the criminal justice system. False sex crime accusations are also more common than insurance fraud according to an F.B.I study, and frequently occur between individuals in an otherwise consensual sexual relationship. If you are found guilty of any sexual offense, once you get out of prison, you will probably have to register as a sex offender and can be required to register for the rest of your life (“lifetime supervision”). Sex registration not only carries a social stigma, but can limit where you live, work, and even where you are allowed to spend your vacation. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime contact an experienced lawyer to assist you in fighting the charges.

Sex Offender Registration in Nevada

It is necessary for many people convicted of sex crimes to register as a sexual offender under NRS 179D.010-179D.850. If you are required to register as a sex offender, you can also be subject to lifetime registration, the sex offender tier system and the various categories of compliance.

Prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas / Clark County

Las Vegas’ reputation as a location with a wild nightlife where anything goes is not the legal reality. For instance, prostitution is only legal in a few locations in Nevada and Las Vegas is not on the list. Sometimes, the police just don’t understand the difference between a tourist looking for a good time and someone seeking or working as a sex worker. If you are a sex worker or tourist accused of a prostitution-related crime, it is vital to get proper legal representation.

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Below are some of the major sex crimes prosecuted in Nevada: