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In criminal cases, “Jail” and “Prison” ARE NOT the same thing. While both jails and prisons hold folks because of criminal cases, there are significant differences between the two places and even where a person is held depends on a number of factors. One distinction between jails and prisons is the management. Jails in Nevada are overseen by local government entities like Las Vegas Police Department while Nevada’s prisons are administered by the Nevada Department of Corrections (Nevada prison inmate search).

There are some general distinction between Jails and Prisons. Jails usually hold people who have been arrested, while they are waiting for trial and for serving sentences that are a year or less. Prison, on the other hand, houses folks serving sentences of a year or more.

Prisons tend to be bigger than jails and have more extracurricular activities available, like exercise facilities, religious services, and educational programs, than all but the largest jails in Nevada. Jails also detain both males and females in the same facility, but Nevada prisons are gender-specific. Nevada’s prisons are usually located in remote areas with very little around them for miles, with the exception of Florence-McClure holding facility. Prisons are classified as having either minimum, medium, maximum security and have a “death row” and the facilities to administer capital punishment.

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