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After someone is arrested, their first question is “How do I get out of Jail”.   A judge usually reviews the arrest within 72 hours and determines if the person is a flight risk or a risk to the community/victim.  Depending the facts and the attorney at the detention hearing, the judge will release them on an their own recognizance, release them with conditions that must be met or determine to hold the person in jail.  


If someone is arrested for serious enough crimes (like capital murder) or when they are charged with a new criminal case in addition to an existing criminal case, they Judge can decide to keep them in custody without bail.  The circumstances where this can happen are limited and even when met can sometimes be overcome by a skillful advocate.   

Non-Monetary Release Conditions

When a a person arrested first appears before a judge, the judge needs to determine if the person can be released without posting money bail.  If a person is release on “non-monetary” release conditions, they can vary from:

  • Own Recognizance release (“O/R”)
  • Release on Intensive Supervision (“ISU”)
  • Release on the Electronic Monitoring Program (“EMP”)

Each of these types of releases can be accompanied by additional conditions, like staying away from the named victim or specific place.  In addition, O/R, ISU and EMP all have there own conditions (see below).  These conditions can also sometimes be coupled with a requirement to post an appearance bail bond.


If the Judge determines that money bail is necessary to ensure the person’s appearance at court or to protect the community, the Judge will require an appearance bond or bail bond to be posted.  Appearance bonds can be posted in cash or by contracting with a bail bonds company to post the entire bond on your behalf.  Before a appearance bond is accepted by the Court, sometimes the Court will require a source hearing.  A source hearing is an evidentiary hearing to provide proof to the Court that money for the bond comes from a lawful source.  A source hearing can be dangerous.  

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