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KEONIS DAVIS, Appellant, v. THE STATE OF NEVADA, Respondent

-Augustus Claus

What is Self Defense?

According to NRS 200.120 Justifiable homicide is the killing of a human being in necessary self-defense, or in defense of an occupied habitation, an occupied motor vehicle or a person, against one who manifestly intends or endeavors to commit a crime of violence, or against any person or persons who manifestly intend and endeavor, in a violent, riotous, tumultuous or surreptitious manner, to enter the occupied habitation or occupied motor vehicle, of another for the purpose of assaulting or offering personal violence to any person dwelling or being therein.


Nevada Self Defense Laws

In Nevada, the law states you have the bright to defend your self with deadly force as long as:  

  1. You are not the aggressor. (You did not start the fight)
  2. You have reason to believe your attacker is trying to kill you and
  3. You have a right to be where the attack took place. (Not committing a crime by trespassing on someone else’s property)

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