Your Best Defense is a Good Offense.

Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Augustus Claus
Has a Good Offense.

At ATAC Law Firm, we are one of the only criminal lawyers in Las Vegas to have our own in-house team of private investigators that can actively serve subpoenas, track down witnesses, and help prove your alibi. We believe that Law Is War and the best defense is often a strong offense.

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We are dedicated to obtaining the best results for our clients.  Our trained professionals will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them. Every morning, our legal team has a meeting to discuss our cases. This means that no matter who you talk to within our firm, the expertise of the whole team weighs in on your case. 

Some of the people in our Firm have been working together for decades.  We have a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. Check out our success stories, and then schedule your free phone consultation today.

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  • My fiance used this attorney and he did an amazing job and his office wad very detailed.

    John Robinson (JD) Avatar John Robinson (JD)
    June 29, 2022

    One thing I look for when choosing the right lawyer is a lawyer that gets respect from everyone in the court room including from the judge and Mr Claus gets... read more

    Justin Hernandez Avatar Justin Hernandez
    June 27, 2022

    Let me tell you real facts, Augustus Claus a real deal . Real show stopper and a miracle maker. Don’t shop for who’s ever is cheap in town. you... read more

    bruce lee Avatar bruce lee
    May 23, 2022
  • Thank you ATAC LAW! Mr. Claus’ team gives hands down top tier service. Mr. Jeremy has shown nothing less than all that is expected! Mrs. Toby shows phenomenal leadership.

    Dana Y. Avatar Dana Y.
    May 23, 2022

    This law firm is so great ! Jeremy and Mr.Claus have made my life so easy since I’ve hired them thanks guys

    Melissa Paige Avatar Melissa Paige
    May 23, 2022

    Augustus Claus Is hands down one of the Best lawyers he goes to war for you and will fight till the end he has worked wonders in my case I... read more

    Brittany Osbourne Avatar Brittany Osbourne
    April 23, 2022
  • To be honest in the beginning of my case, I felt like I made the wrong choice. The whole time I thought, man I feel like his head is not... read more

    Kristina Talavera Avatar Kristina Talavera
    April 23, 2022

    Jeremy was extremely helpful, I really appreciate his time and expertise. Highly recommend them.

    End Times490 Avatar End Times490
    April 23, 2022

    Augustus and his full team are like no other in las vegas. they guide you through every step of your case and truly care about you. They do not look... read more

    Red Revolver Cinema Avatar Red Revolver Cinema
    March 23, 2022

Client Testimonials

Awesome law firm!!!

Awesome law firm!!!

Marco Rincon, Las Vegas, NV USA

Your freedom and record shouldn’t have a price.

I’m writing this review in detail so if you are in a position as I was you can have a little guidance.
I was given a public defender but there was a conflict of interest so I was appointed a State Attorney. I was offered the same deal by the Public Defender and State Attorney. I wasn’t satisfied so I hired my own attorney. This attorney came to me with the same exact deal as the two previous lawyers. After being disappointed with 3 lawyers I finally retained Augustus. I’m so happy I did. He was able to offer me the deal I was looking for. I personally witnessed Augustus fight hard for something he felt wasn’t right with my case. Although the judge was stern in her decision Augustus figured out a way to get the outcome for me to me released on an extradition hold while dealing with my local charges. That’s extremely uncommon. I don’t think any other attorney would have done this. He is really for his clients. He explained everything in detail several times providing me with multiple options. Augustus has what’s needed in the courtroom to get you what you need. I was able to call the office while incarcerated collect. That was important to me because you shouldn’t have to pay to talk to your lawyer. Jeremy and Tobi are such a big help. Their able to keep you in the loop when Augustus is in the courtroom handling other cases. Jeremy is so relatable that you don’t feel judged for the things you’ve done that’s gotten you into your mess. Talking to Tobi was like having my personal therapist because she was able to keep me calm and explain upcoming procedures with my case while I was incarcerated. Every call was answered and if whom I needed was unavailable Pam was sure to have message delivered and call returned. My case is so complex and although satisfied Augustus is still fighting for me to have a better deal. People choose lawyers off cost. Your freedom and record shouldn’t have a price. Figure out a plan to hire Augustus and his team. You won’t regret it.

Love Life , Las Vegas, NV, USA

Augustus Claus is a beast!

This law firm is the BEST!!! Augustus Claus is a beast! He fought for my cousin and she is home with her family doing GREAT! He gave her the freedom to move forward with her life. Thank you ATACLAW, everyone in the firm has been extremely helpful. Worth every penny!!!!

Siatuunu, Las Vegas, NV USA

I beat the odds with the assistance of the great Mr. Claus!

I’m currently fighting an attempted murder case now. Mr.Claus has been a help in every way he can! So much hope and faith is going into this case financially and emotionally, I believe we will beat this case! I’ve been fighting almost 2 years and just now was granted a reasonable bail to fight on the street for trial! Inshallah I beat the odds with the assistance of the great Mr. Claus!

Kenjuan McDaniel, Las Vegas, NV USA

Thank you T Augustus Claus for setting me free and keeping me with my Family your the best.

A-1 Lawyer for sure. I was facing 8-20 years in prison with two cases pending. The DA was not willing to deal for a reduced sentence they wanted nothing other than a max sentence imposed. A good friend told me about his lawyer Augustus Claus. Now i was sent too many attorneys although after meeting Augustus something in my heart told me he was my best choice. In to be honest i believe it was his outstanding honesty of my case no matter the cost. After a year long fight i’m so blessed to say we prevailed victorious. Now i remind you i’m a 1 time previous felon with multiple offences of the same case. Augustus told me straight from the beginning i had too get my life together or i was going to prison. I did what he instructed to the letter and we won. Their for i stress with all importance when he tells you something Listen and do what he says.
Thank you T Augustus Claus for setting me free and keeping me with my Family your the best. God Bless You!!!

Corbin Wilson, Las Vegas, NV USA

I recommend his service 100% They all are an excellent team

I am very happy with the service of Atac Law firm Augustus Claus and his team of professionals they really show the customer care and l received excellent five Star plus service Almira and Kory are stremely helpful and professional the answered my concerns in a pront and properly maner l wish there were more lawyer and staff like Augustus Claus. I recommend his service 100% They all are an excellent team

Benito, Las Vegas, NV USA

This man is one of the best, if not the actual best, criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas.

I agree with all of these five-star Google reviews about Augustus Claus. This man is one of the best, if not the actual best, criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas. My case was dismissed when the odds were not in my favor. What looked to be a disaster for my life and reputation turned out to be the opposite that I will forever be grateful for. I did my research and took a chance with Mr. Claus; the results were glorious. The staff at ATACLAW went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and that’s what I needed to get through my situation. I recommend this attorney to everyone. If you are looking for an attorney that knows his stuff to a “T”, then Augustus Claus is your man!

Veronica, Las Vegas, NV USA

I went from class A felony to no probation and a misdemeanor

Mr Claus, is the best attorney i can honestly  say from this becuase not only am I and 4x felon been to prison 2x but I had a class A felony charges that were mandatory prison with that said I went to Jeremy Moffitt I had every one tell me different good attorneys I should have gone to but  MY CHIOCE was (T.AUGUSTUS CLAUS)  ANY FAMILY OR FRIEND THAT MAY BE BROUGHT AGIANST CRIMANAL CHARGES  DONT WAISTE TIME THINKING OF AN ATTORNEY  TO HIRE CALL JEREMY TODAY MR CLAUSE WILL FIGHT FOR UR LOVED ONE .I promise u  that he will fight fir ur best outcome ……………..I went from class A felony to no probation and a misdemeanor that will be removed as long as I stay outa trouble ……..Now what attorney  can do that ?? MR CLAUS CAN !!!!!….

Ashley Rybak, Las Vegas, NV USA

Life with Parole

Got out with lifetime parole caught two new cases and got them both dismissed….. Welcome home Ron.

Thank you guys and keep up the hard work, very appreciated!

I want to give a huge shoutout to Atac Law and everyone within the firm who has been a great help and support team since getting into my first accident here in Vegas. Getting into an accident with a Semi Truck really took a toll on me health-wise and mentally and since then my direct Case manager Oriana and everyone who has been involved has made this traumatic experience so much easier to live with. Thank you guys and keep up the hard work, very appreciated!

Kandi, Las Vegas, NV USA
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