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Augustus T. Claus has degrees in Engineering, Accounting, and the law. He’s a lawyer because he loves being in court- That’s why he’s been practicing law in Nevada for over a decade!

Here at ATAC Law, we have a team of investigators and paralegals that can track down witnesses, reconstruct accidents, serve subpoenas, and write motions.

If you find yourself cornered by the cops, LET ME DO THE TALKING!

Augustus Claus in Court fighting for criminal defense justice

Augustus Claus
Defense Attorney


About Augustus Claus

Mr. Claus started out litigating in the federal courts and traveled year around. He has had cases all across the United States.  After the years he decided to settle down and has since made Las Vegas his home. Mr. Claus has been practicing law in Nevada for over 16 years.

Since the start of his state practice here in Nevada, he has successfully defended every kind of criminal case from Capital murder (Death Penalty) to misdemeanors. He has had numerous high-profile cases that have been covered by multiple major news stations including Fox, ABC News, CBS News, 13 Action News, The Review Journal, The Las Vegas Sun, 8 news now, The New York Post, USA Today, and many more.

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Record Sealing Laywer

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We Know How It Feels When You Have Worked So Hard To Change Your Life, And Want That Job, or Nice New Place But Get Denied Because Of A Mistake You made When You Were Younger!

I Know How to Deal with Dirty Cops

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Have you been falsely accused?

Have the police falsely accused you of some shit you did not do? We all know the police have a long history of wrongly accusing people of crimes: Even arresting…

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Client Testimonials

The Record For The Most Charges Ever! WE GOT THEM ALL DISMISSED AT TRIAL

Your freedom and record shouldn’t have a price.

I’m writing this review in detail so if you are in a position as I was you can have a little guidance.
I was given a public defender but there was a conflict of interest so I was appointed a State Attorney. I was offered the same deal by the Public Defender and State Attorney. I wasn’t satisfied so I hired my own attorney. This attorney came to me with the same exact deal as the two previous lawyers. After being disappointed with 3 lawyers I finally retained Augustus. I’m so happy I did. He was able to offer me the deal I was looking for. I personally witnessed Augustus fight hard for something he felt wasn’t right with my case. Although the judge was stern in her decision Augustus figured out a way to get the outcome for me to me released on an extradition hold while dealing with my local charges. That’s extremely uncommon. I don’t think any other attorney would have done this. He is really for his clients. He explained everything in detail several times providing me with multiple options. Augustus has what’s needed in the courtroom to get you what you need. I was able to call the office while incarcerated collect. That was important to me because you shouldn’t have to pay to talk to your lawyer. Jeremy and Tobi are such a big help. Their able to keep you in the loop when Augustus is in the courtroom handling other cases. Jeremy is so relatable that you don’t feel judged for the things you’ve done that’s gotten you into your mess. Talking to Tobi was like having my personal therapist because she was able to keep me calm and explain upcoming procedures with my case while I was incarcerated. Every call was answered and if whom I needed was unavailable Pam was sure to have message delivered and call returned. My case is so complex and although satisfied Augustus is still fighting for me to have a better deal. People choose lawyers off cost. Your freedom and record shouldn’t have a price. Figure out a plan to hire Augustus and his team. You won’t regret it.

Love Life , Las Vegas, NV, USA

I’m free because of Augustus

What can I say except, Phenomenal. I’m free because of Augustus, what else needs to be said.

Earl Halbert, Las Vegas, NV USA

Hands Down The Best



Caring people

I can’t say enough good  things about Mr. Claus and his staff. The outcome of my case turned out  way better than I thought it would. My charges were lowered, I paid a  fine and had to do an online course for a few hours. That’s it. I was  very nervous and worried. Every person I spoke with on the phone was  great. Jeremy and Tobi are awesome. Both are caring people. Tobi spoke  with me many times and was so helpful. She was right about Mr. Claus. He  was confident, professional and made an impact with my case. Thank you  all very much!

Ricardo R, Las Vegas, NV USA

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my  children.

I was facing battery  charges.  I was scared and didn’t know what to do.  I am advertisement  from Ataclaw in the mail, a week prior to having to appear. Mr. Claus  took me on as a client and reviewed my case, assuring that I wouldn’t  have to appear in court, as he would go for me.  This was weight lifted  off my shoulders.  Mr. Claus not only appeared in court, but he got the  case dismissed, giving me back my life and more weight lifted off my  shoulder.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my  children.  Kristal…

Dee, Las Vegas, NV USA

I highly recommend this practice!

Jeremy handled my case, he did it in  a timely manner and answered any questions I had throughout the  process. I highly recommend this practice!

Nicole Gordon , Las Vegas, NV USA

Life with Parole

Got out with lifetime parole caught two new cases and got them both dismissed….. Welcome home Ron.

Good ethics & very professional

I highly recommend Atty  Claus to anybody who needs help. Good ethics & very professional. We  feel that he truly cares for us. The support staff are nice people  & always available to answer our questions & concerns. Thank you  Jeremy for your kindness.

Maridy Sicat, Las Vegas, NV USA

Saved my friend’s family

T. Augustus Claus / ATAC Law was the court-appointed criminal defense law firm representation for a friend. He was facing, 15yrs to life, for an attempted murder charge that was trumped up by his brother. Mr. Claus and his staff did their research and investigating to find the truth and get the charges against my friend dismissed and dropped. Just in time for his new son to be born.

Rich McKimmie , Las Vegas, NV USA