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Augustus T. Claus has degrees in Engineering, Accounting, and the law. He’s a lawyer because he loves being in court- That’s why he’s been practicing law in Nevada for over a decade!

Here at ATAC Law, we have a team of investigators and paralegals that can track down witnesses, reconstruct accidents, serve subpoenas, and write motions.

If you find yourself cornered by the cops, LET ME DO THE TALKING!

Augustus Claus in Court fighting for criminal defense justice

Augustus Claus
Defense Attorney


About Augustus Claus

Mr. Claus started out litigating in the federal courts and traveled year around. He has had cases all across the United States.  After the years he decided to settle down and has since made Las Vegas his home. Mr. Claus has been practicing law in Nevada for over 16 years.

Since the start of his state practice here in Nevada, he has successfully defended every kind of criminal case from Capital murder (Death Penalty) to misdemeanors. He has had numerous high-profile cases that have been covered by multiple major news stations including Fox, ABC News, CBS News, 13 Action News, The Review Journal, The Las Vegas Sun, 8 news now, The New York Post, USA Today, and many more.

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Have the police falsely accused you of some shit you did not do? We all know the police have a long history of wrongly accusing people of crimes: Even arresting…

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Client Testimonials

Mr. Claus was able to turn a nightmare into a success story

Had to fire our attorney  and hire a new one while deep in the throws of a case. A simple  Probation violation turned into an extended residency at CCDC after  judge ordered that probation be reinstated. P&P was dragging their  feet and our lawyer didn’t seem to care (even after extorting several  thousand dollars for his “services” : see reviews/ Robert Walsh attorney  at law). Mr. Claus was able to turn a nightmare into a success story  thru his professionalism and ability to use the tools of the legal  system to his advantage, which is to say, to our advantage. We were  losing hope and Mr. Claus stayed calm and focused and got the job done.  I’m proud to have been represented by T. Augustus Claus

Jonathan Miles, Las Vegas, NV USA

Mr. Augustus CLaus is a amazing attorney

I want the Las Vegas community know, that Mr. Augustus CLaus is a amazing attorney, very professional, very knowledgeable, and the man for the job, I fully recommend him, to anyone who needs, a understanding, hands on attorney, with a great staff.

Brian Rodriguez, Las Vegas, NV, USA

I recommend his service 100% They all are an excellent team

I am very happy with the service of Atac Law firm Augustus Claus and his team of professionals they really show the customer care and l received excellent five Star plus service Almira and Kory are stremely helpful and professional the answered my concerns in a pront and properly maner l wish there were more lawyer and staff like Augustus Claus. I recommend his service 100% They all are an excellent team

Benito, Las Vegas, NV USA

Mr. Claus is a great attorney

He made me feel confident and have high hopes  about my boyfriend’s case. He helped me go through the process and explained to me in detail  what to expect. He always returns my calls in a timely manner and answered all my questions in a breeze. He got my boyfriend the very best deal that he can get and didn’t stop until my boyfriend was a free man! This is the go to Law office if you get arrested for anything , I did a lot of research before choosing one and I am so happy that I went with Augustus Claus and his team. They are all awesome! You honestly get what you paid for, We are so happy with the results. Super thanks again guys!

Janelia Ruiz-Venezula, Las Vegas, NV, USA

This firm is awesome and very professional

This firm is awesome and very professional

Lelani, Las Vegas, NV USA

These people get the job done.

Augustus, Toby, and Jeremy have earned 5 stars because they looked out for my son before, during and after his case. I can honestly say they treated my son like family. They did something’s for my son that most attorneys in the Vegas area don’t care about. These people get the job done. They’re patient, kind and extremely loyal. My name is Leah Thomas and I would not hesitate to use this law firm again!!! I’m not sure what shape we’d be in without them. Thanks for everything words cannot express your dedication and determination to your clients.

Leah Lang, Las Vegas, NV USA

I couldn’t recommend  them more

I’m so glad I chose the  right people to take care of my case. They’re amazing and pay attention  to every possible detail with care and take care of things quickly. I had no issues through out the process and any questions or concerns I  had were met with kindness and professionalism. I couldn’t recommend  them more and thank you for all you have done!

Bev TheDino, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Mr. Claus is worth every penny!

Thank you all so much for what you did for us. Kory you are amazing. When everything was falling apart you gave me hope. Mr. Claus is a great lawyer! I would hire him again if I ever needed to! Again I thank you all for everything you all did. Mr. Claus is worth every penny!

Kathy, Las Vegas, NV USA

Got the professionalism to get the job done…

Got the professionalism to get the job done but the best staff to best assist you with understanding your case to where you may better understand. Will reobtain for sure if ever need a criminal defense lawyer again in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas. Thank you guys and your wonderful staff for dealing with me…

Becca Cipola, Las Vegas, NV USA

I would trust them again.

The process was so smooth, all the staff has been so nice, patience and understanding. They helped me with my case in the most relieving way. I would trust them again.
M.C, Las Vegas, NV USA