The First 48

The first 48 hours of a criminal case and criminal charges, are critical.  

In these few hours:

  1. The Court and the State determine whether to hold you in custody; and
  2. The State tells the Court about the seriousness of the charges; and
  3. The State requests the dates of the future hearings; and
  4. The Preliminary Hearing or Trial is set; and
  5. The Court hears arguments by the State for your release conditions.

When a case is filed, it becomes a prosecutor’s job to convict you. Felony or misdemeanor, a guilty verdict can carry life-altering and potentially devastating consequences including:

  1. Loss of constitutional rights to vote, hold public office and carry a firearm.
  2. Loss of the ability to choose who you live with and where you live.
  3. Loss of the ability to leave  the State without permission.
  4. Loss of privacy and giving the Government access to your house, computer and cell phone.
  5. Loss of your job.
  6. Loss of your parental rights.

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