Video Transcript:

I’m Adam I was originally charged with a
attempted possession of a stolen vehicle
I have a historyof criminal history so
I was worried about what was going to
happen me pleading to the wobbler I’m
not uh for lack of better term I guess
I’m not all the way stable right now
um so I was worried about a PSI honestly
I was worried about going in there and
laying down what I got going on right
now which is really not much
and uh with that being said the PSI
getting thrown in front of a judge
with the criminal history
um it was kind of worrisome when I
started to go over the plea agreement
within this morning I kind of started
so I hired Augustus Clause through a
friend he was actually a um a
recommendation from somebody because I’m
not from here so somebody that I knew I
asked around with a couple people I knew
and I was given his name
and told it he was that he was great and
he’s awesome that he’ll work for you and
uh he and he has I we hired him and um
he’s done everything I asked him and
then we even got lucky today in court
and got the PSI waived so just as he was
recommended to me by a friend I would
recommend him to a friend and
for me to be able to do that personally
there would have to be a show improved
which just happened

I have messed up when it comes to
you didn’t treat me differently that
didn’t matter when we got of course then
he we were working and we just did
everything good for me and he always
made sure I was comfortable with what
was going on so if the relationship
hadn’t went how it went up to now I
wouldn’t recommend him to a friend so
with that being said I would recommend
it to my friends very much appreciative
and you could tell that
I was given today what I was given based
on basically his character his
relationship with people inside the
courtroom so um I mean that that says it
all right there yeah thank you very much
let’s hope it just keep continues to go
like this