What You Need To Know About Getting Your Record Sealed! At ATAC Law We Help Our Clients Get Their Rights To Life Back!

You live in the best city and the best state in the united states: There is no other place like Las Vegas. BUT you have a criminal conviction from years ago that is stopping you from employment opportunities at the premier companies in town. Is there some way to get rid of that old conviction and stop employers from judging you for things that happened a long time ago?


It’s called record sealing and we can help.

Sealing is generally considered different from expungement; but in many cases when you seal your record you gain the legal right to deny or not acknowledge anything that has to do with the arrest and proceedings from your old conviction.

After sealing, in most cases, when you apply for a job or school you can answer “no” to the questions about your previous arrests or convictions. You can also deny having a criminal history to private organizations.

Most folks think record sealing is for felons, but you can seal misdemeanor charges too, like:

  • Petty Larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Possession of drugs

Even these small convictions can limit your life’s choices, so it’s important to take advantage of the sealing process.

How do I seal my records?

To seal a criminal record requires a court order signed by a judge after a long legal process needing proof from both the state and yourself. The process requires:

  • Records from Carson city
  • Fingerprint cards from the person seeking the sealing

When your record is sealed, there are numerous benefits including stopping private employers, landlords, and lenders from seeing convictions during a background check.

When applying for a professional license, sealing your record helps clean up your past.

In Nevada, there is no limit to the umber of records that can be sealed, however, all sealing requests must individually meet the record sealing requirements. These requirements frequently changes and not all criminal records are eligible to be sealed.


We have helped many Nevadans seal their records. Call us now and start enjoying life’s opportunities in Las Vegas to the fullest.


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