How to win a revocation hearing

So your loved one was on probation, and before you knew it  -they were snatched up by their P&P officer, put in custody, and now they’re looking at spending years in prison. Can P&P do that? The short answer is: at least for now, yes. The parole and probation officer can put them in custody. 

What happens Now?

The good news is that arresting your loved one is the end of their power and now the case is in the hands of a judge. What happens Now? Your loved one is headed towards a revocation hearing. A revocation hearing can be scary and while it’s a bit like the wild west of legal proceedings, it also has some rules and procedures that it follows.

I can help! Let Me Tell The Judge What They Need To Know!



How can you help?

How do you prepare for a revocation hearing?

Your loved one may not even understand why they are being revoked from probation. You MUST get a copy of the revocation report. This will outline all the reasons that probation officers can create for why your loved one should be revoked.

Some of the reasons may sound pretty damned petty. Like a failure to pay a $90 supervision fee. In reality, they are now in front of a district court judge. And if a judge cares, YOU NEED TO CARE. Every reason that is in the revocation report must be addressed.

You need evidence

Imagine you are a judge, and you have 5 revocation hearings everyday. How often do you think you’re going to hear from the person in custody, “the probation officer is wrong!”?

“I did check in! I did show up for drug counseling! I did get a job!”

The judge asks, “Where’s your proof?”

“eh….I left it on my dresser back at home, your honor. If you let me out – I promise I wont run from the 15 year prison sentence!”

The judges have learned to verify what they’ve been told. So how do they get the evidence? ATAC Law employs investigators and paralegals because our clients deserve the best. We gather all the evidence to address every issue in the revocation report.

Finally, Witnesses are even allowed to testify for both the state and for your loved one. But makes sure that any witnesses you will have are fully prepared, because the state gets a crack at them, too.


Let’s win your revocation hearing

We know all about revocation hearings, and these tips will help get the best possible result. If you want to talk more, call my office now.

At ATAC, our Las Vegas team of lawyers is here to work with you to help you through your case. We know that it can be scary to stand up in court after you had to defend yourself, and we’re on your side. Reach out to us today for a consultation to learn more about how we can support you.