The law in Nevada takes a stern stance against paternity fraud. Engaging in—or assisting someone with—a fraudulent paternity test is not a matter to be taken lightly. Those found guilty of such deceitful actions can expect stringent ramifications, including significant fines and the prospect of incarceration. Moreover, a conviction paints a negative image on an individual’s record, which can be problematic when seeking employment opportunities.

But the implications don’t stop there. A paternity fraud conviction could aggravate any standing issues related to unpaid child support, potentially leading to even steeper penalties. Given the possible severity of consequences, it’s essential to approach these situations with a tactical and informed defense.

NRS 201.085 | What Are the Repercussions of Paternity Fraud in Nevada?

Can Paternity Fraud Land You in Legal Trouble in Nevada?

Misrepresenting the outcome of paternity tests, termed as “paternity fraud,” has significant legal implications under Nevada’s NRS 201.085. This statute defines paternity fraud as deliberately altering the results of a paternity DNA test. Such manipulations can transpire either through positioning an incorrect individual to undergo the test or by tampering with the test outcomes.

Paternity fraud is not solely the domain of the alleged biological father; a man who participates in the test under false pretenses shares the legal responsibility. Furthermore, accomplices who either tamper with the test procedures or forge the results are also subject to prosecutorial action.

The consequences of paternity fraud stretch beyond the courtroom. It has evolved into a significant dilemma in the U.S., leading to legal obligations for non-biological fathers to support children financially and, inversely, depriving some children of deserved financial support. In response, platforms such as have emerged to offer support and resources to those navigating the complicated waters of paternity fraud.

What Are the Penalties for Committing Paternity Fraud in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Misrepresenting paternity information is a legal transgression taken seriously in the state of Nevada. Anyone found guilty of falsifying paternity test data in Las Vegas faces penalties classified under gross misdemeanor charges. This category of offense in Nevada’s judicial system carries stringent punitive measures.

Persons convicted of paternity fraud may encounter a jail sentence of up to 364 days. In addition, they could be subjected to monetary penalties reaching as high as $2,000. The severity of these punishments underscores the importance of accuracy and honesty in paternity testing procedures.

These consequences considerably underscore the gravity with which Nevada law regards the integrity of paternity determination. A conviction can lead to harsh outcomes that not only affect an individual’s freedom due to potential jail time but also impose a financial strain through sizable fines.

How Can You Defend Against an Accusation of Paternity Fraud in Las Vegas?

Facing an allegation of paternity fraud in Las Vegas demands a robust defense strategy due to the serious nature of the charge. The outcomes of such accusations can have life-altering implications, and mounting a solid defense is crucial. Defense tactics hinge on the unique factors of each case, with a primary focus on challenging the willfulness of the accused party’s actions.

One prevalent defense approach is to scrutinize the evidence presented by the prosecution and highlight its insufficiencies, thereby casting doubt on whether the actions taken were deliberate. A key aspect of such a defense is to demonstrate that there is reasonable doubt surrounding the intentionality of the accused’s behavior. If it can be shown that the accuser’s actions were not consciously aimed at manipulating paternity testing or results, this can be a powerful defense.

In legal terms, the burden of proof rests with the District Attorney’s office; they must establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant knowingly engaged in fraudulent activities related to a paternity test. If the evidence or lack thereof points to uncertainty or accidental conduct rather than a willful act of fraud, the charges against the defendant should be dismissed.

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