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If You Are On House Arrest You Need To See This! The Johnston Decision

This month the Nevada Supreme Court came out with a case of constitutional import for [...]

How to get Reinstated On House Arrest

Augustus Claus Gets His Client Reinstated on House Arrest After He Took an Unapproved Flight [...]

House Arrest Violates Due Process

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House Arrest in Las Vegas: How The District Court Fails

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Revocation Hearing Results

Case#: C-13-286***-1  Hearing Type: Revocation of Probation Result: Reinstated Case#: C-13-***541-2  Hearing Type: Revocation of Probation Result: [...]

She was arrested on 4 new felonies while on probation, and we got her reinstated

Augustus Claus Negotiates A Deal For His Client That Is On Probation In Las Vegas [...]